05/30/2010 08:45 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week: What We Watched on Gotcha Media

As the official after-party host on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel had the final word on Lost with his alternate endings. Watching the Lost actors let loose with parodies of Survivor, The Sopranos and Bob Newhart immediately seemed like more fun than the actual ending to the show (though probably not as fun as this).

When he decided to borrow a comedy routine from Patton Oswalt, Columbia General Studies valedictorian Brian Corman most likely didn't know what he was getting himself into. As soon as the plagiarism was brought to his attention, Patton sent out this sarcastic tweet to his followers and kicked off a media shaming that lasted a couple of days. If Corman's delivery had been at least tolerable the whole thing would have been slightly more forgivable. But as it was, this is the most painful telling of a legitimately funny bit that you're likely to come across.

Speaking of things that are not funny and actually kind of sad, Sex and the City 2 opened last week to some truly terrible reviews. Lucky for us, Babelgum Comedy summed up the movie in 60 seconds just in case you were considering actually watching all 2 hours-plus.

Fake parody trailers pop up on the internet every day. But it's rare that one goes so far as to make it's own full-on flash-y website. Whoever is behind War Pigs, an action comedy "from the director of Wild Hogs and Old Dogs," has some serious resources at their disposal. I'm betting that they're making a play for a Snakes on a Plane-inspired, make it seem real and maybe it will become real, movie deal. Their Facebook page lists a release date of "late 2010" and the studio as "Touchstone / Dreamworks / Fox" so we'll just have to see how that pans out. In the meantime, they do have something solid on their hands with the trailer.

The fifth and final viral video slot this week is kind of toss-up. Some strong contenders include Derrick Comedy's Hipster Thomas Jefferson sketch, the self-conscious American Idol "Kanye Moment," and Ozzy Osbourne having some fun at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. But since I'm already missing the show, and am still unhappy with NBC's decision to push it to mid-season, the Parks and Recreation as Friends opening credit sequence made me smile this week. Enjoy and happy Memorial Day weekend!

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