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Thank you Mitt, Thank you Rudy: Who Needs Votes, Anyway? Right?

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Think back to campaign management 101 -- what did that professor say??? Oh yeah, win the election!

That's the takeaway all aspiring political professionals should have gotten from their "basics of campaigning" class back in college. Apparently, the managers of the Romney and Giuliani campaigns were sick, drunk or simply not paying attention during that lesson because their recent actions display an ineptitude that is beyond comprehension.

Now...not that we're complaining. The fact that Romney and Giuliani are opting not to speak to millions of people (the Democratic YouTube debate scored an impressive 2.6 millions viewers including the highest viewership for a debate among adults 18-34 in cable news history) says that they are either not yet ready to take their messages to a captive and motivated audience in primetime or they're scared to speak directly to these voters.

As motivated Democrats, we just want to say thanks. Thanks to Romney and Giuliani for deciding not to speak to the American people. After all, it doesn't matter if the questioner is a snowman or the bogeyman -- this viewing audience will help elect the next President and to them, the choice may have just become an easy one.

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