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Political Football

4 Comments | Posted December 3, 2011 | 12:26:48 (EST)

Late in the second half of the Philadelphia/Seattle football game last Thursday, I thought I heard someone say something. Did I hear DeSean Jackson say, "Word up or something?" Whatever it was, it may not have been "tweetable." It appears that our gravel filled sports media is once again...

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Repairing the Black-Jewish Rift

Posted December 1, 2011 | 12:36:58 (EST)

No more than three people on campus knew that 12 months earlier, I had been only five feet, five inches tall weighing a pudgy 150 pounds. One year later I was six feet and three quarter inches tall and weighed 175 pounds -- with speed. My growth spurt came later...

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With Friends Like These

Posted October 11, 2010 | 18:23:06 (EST)

On Sunday national news reports aired Presidential Aide and Senior Advisor David Axelrod as suggesting that potentially illegal foreclosures should not be curtailed. Apparently, Axelrod believes that "some" of the ongoing foreclosures may be justified. What? Justified how? What scale does Axelrod use to justify people being ushered out of...

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Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel and Democrats' 'Orwellian' Problem

Posted October 6, 2010 | 17:43:19 (EST)

In the wake of last week's public confrontation and threat to "take out" Fred Dicker of the New York Post, gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino (R-NY) was unapologetic. In its wake, Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo's (D-NY) forces have determined that Paladino's statement that a "benevolent dictatorship is the...

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Zuckerberg and the Ferengi?

Posted September 25, 2010 | 21:23:32 (EST)

I'm beginning to like Mark Zuckerberg, hereafter to be known only as "Z." My knowledge of this young man is almost nil. Indeed, if I ever signed up on facebook, I don't know how! And it disturbs me that I'm inclined to behave in a politically conservative fashion on...

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Why Men Don't Rebel

Posted September 21, 2010 | 20:28:39 (EST)

Northwestern University actively botched my welcome to graduate study. In my second year in Evanston I learned that the African-American female originally chosen for my doctoral slot had decided on Columbia University instead. In retrospect, my Friday afternoon notification of the classes commencing on the following Monday (I missed the...

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I'll Miss the Mayor

Posted September 15, 2010 | 04:17:11 (EST)

When I heard that Mayor Richard M. Daley would not seek election for another term, I was sadly disappointed. More than 60 years of quasi-association had joined my family to the current Mayor. Though no Anderson had ever been given any consideration of any kind by either Mayor Daley, my...

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"Let's Get America Working Again"

Posted September 7, 2010 | 13:57:03 (EST)

This just in! Congress has the right idea! Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats alike have finally done something that does more than just venally and verbally attack the Obama Administration. Having tired of hearing from the world that their blockage of legislation and government flow, for quasi-ideological reasons, is...

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Cosmic Response to Aggression and Predation (C.R.A.P.)

Posted September 3, 2010 | 18:44:19 (EST)

Celestial word has it that extra-terrestrial forces are being dispatched to earth. There is word of great concern by many in our galaxy that some of the outgrowths of human activity may be reaching a zenith that is all but acceptable, both in our own galaxy and the vast...

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All Hat, No Cattle

Posted August 31, 2010 | 14:06:20 (EST)

Now I'm not sure. Did the unification of Ralph Nader and Ron Paul's campaigns last election cycle actually ultimately win the Presidency? After both those candidates were "locked out" of the election debates two years ago, it appeared that they might just go away--ride into the Gulf Coast sunset....

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A Tale of Two Resumes

Posted August 26, 2010 | 16:25:53 (EST)

On the one hand, there is the college graduate, honored with scholarships and fellowships, who graduated from a top ranked University. That student went on to doctoral study in the 13th ranked program in politics in the United States. Having earlier completed the requirements to become a Berkeley, California...

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America's Folly

Posted August 24, 2010 | 12:39:00 (EST)

I recall a conversation with a refugee from Vietnam several years ago. It was that period when many "boat people" sought refuge in the United States. I was a social service provider charged with services delivery to this group of Indochinese refugees.

The gentleman speaking to me said,...

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The Case for Blending Church and State

Posted August 16, 2010 | 18:04:04 (EST)

Recently, increasing numbers of Americans have vied for the combining of church and state. My best guess is that as the White mainstream of America has begun to notice the loss of its foothold on its economic structures, it has knee-jerked in the direction that it thinks it has the...

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An Open Letter to the Captains

Posted August 12, 2010 | 15:28:18 (EST)

Back in the day, when I transferred my doctoral study from Northwestern University to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a nomenclature not prevalent at Northwestern dominated the Institute. Beavers are more foreboding than Crocuses I suppose. Notions of "high or low probability events" filled the air at MIT. At...

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Lower Case Capitalism

Posted August 11, 2010 | 13:05:03 (EST)

Several days ago, National Public Radio broke the biggest story in the last one hundred and fifty years. I turned my radio on late and missed the introduction and some defining information but the topic was chilling! It was a story greater than the dropping of the atomic...

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David & Goliath: Corrections Officers and Corporate Interests

Posted August 4, 2010 | 13:39:31 (EST)

What would Eric Holder and federal investigators say to a "Pattern of Practice" that routinely evidences violations of law by California State corrections officials? The person at the heart of what has become a quieted controversy is a witness to American citizens having been beaten and held at gunpoint...

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Where Are the Winners Now?

Posted July 26, 2010 | 16:14:05 (EST)

There was a time in America when there existed a "bootstraps positivity" that claimed to cure all ills. The line was that "a rising tide, lifts all boats," or "you can do anything that you set your mind to, if you want it badly enough." Indeed, the ABCs...

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The Passion of the Mel

Posted July 14, 2010 | 03:40:22 (EST)

Charts delineating social distance combined with the distinctly American omnipresence of race have made me quietly envious of Caucasians in a White society. African-American women, who seldom find themselves in the limelight of this culture and never as anything but a reflection of whitewashed images, have occupied the bottom...

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TARP Was Just a Cover

Posted July 2, 2010 | 16:59:46 (EST)

Yes I know that the acronym "TARP" stands for Troubled Asset Relief Program. But in a changing world, acronyms too, should be allowed to evolve. Consider "TARP" as a covering of sorts -- a blanket that covers and surrounds all within a province.

Recently, a friend was called...

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Coyotes and Bankers

Posted June 30, 2010 | 18:24:24 (EST)

Prior to 1960, you would be pushed to find Coyotes (Canis Latrans) that roamed east of the Mississippi. Wolves, one of the few predators of Coyotes, had done a relatively effective job of clearing that section of America of these wily beasts. Yet Coyotes have been known to mate...

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