A Tale of Two Resumes

08/26/2010 03:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On the one hand, there is the college graduate, honored with scholarships and fellowships, who graduated from a top ranked University. That student went on to doctoral study in the 13th ranked program in politics in the United States. Having earlier completed the requirements to become a Berkeley, California police officer, this individual transferred graduate study from the 13th ranked academic program to the top ranked program to continue doctoral study.

The first person in his company to cover the "Silicon Valley" territory, this individual has researched for UNESCO, been one of only two California "Bullet Train" analysts, advocated for and taught children in academics and sports and has consulted government notables while managing congressional campaigns. He has met President Kennedy, Gloria Steinem, Abby Rockefeller and Buddy Guy. He has been a radio interview broadcaster and once wrote articles for a national magazine.

On the other hand, there is the individual who attended five undergraduate colleges, four of which few have ever heard. Ultimately graduated in communications, became a broadcaster, a city councilperson, a mayor and finally a governor. This was all done from a small town perch that saw no national or worldly oversight and allowed this individual to make egregious errors of grammar, substance and professionalism before an international audience.

So whom are we talking about? Well the first individual receives a total of $474.00 as his only stipend from the federal government or anyplace else. He was the first person with Native American and "other" heritage to market computers for a major manufacturer and has at the same time been discarded by the American socio-political and business communities for not displaying his "killer instinct" in business. He has avoided being a "Barracuda" in the business place and his name is Butch. Butch is a "Knowbody" and really doesn't count -- so we'll end with him for now.

The other notable is Sarah Palin. Ms. Palin's creation of the word repudiate is merely one in several errors attributable to her since her star has risen in the Republican Party. As if to "stamp" that group with its own erroneousness, Ms. Palin, the darling of old white guys, has been given carte blanche to say and do almost anything because she is the new standard bearer of the old Republican recalcitrance to learn anything other than what Republicans think they already know.

But this newfound dalliance with submerged octogenarian libido does not belie the fact that Palin offers nothing of substance to the political landscape once on the national or international stage. And that this stanchion of the mentally Lilliputian is a millionaire with influence, while true achievers as the one listed above are dying, speaks volumes about the "god bless America" of our forebears. Making America safe for the Palins of the world, while disavowing those who have truly worked to achieve says just how topsy-turvy this nation has become.

Conservatives are correct! America is dying! But it is not because of the changing access by ethnic groups that those "Tea Party" transparent veils of race decry. It is because of the far-far-far-right's wanton affair with ignorance, and an unwillingness to appreciate objective information for what it is. Mass media should have long ago brought these transgressions to the fore of national consciousness but has failed their charge. It seems "newsworthy" does not always mean truthful and definitely avoids that which is accurate. And the American financial distribution order is just as remiss and complicit. We charge Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan, for having structured forms of corruption in his government and then we offer Sarah Palin, Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele and Michele Bachman to the world as viable alternatives. All of these individuals, along with many more of the right-winged offertory, share histories of "intellectual challenge" and socio/political myopia. The stupidity in that charge about Karzai would be like allowing our CIA to nefariously create the Taliban to disrupt Russian governance and then not expect this Frankenstein to turn on us. Ooooops!

I recently purchased canned cat food at half price merely because the manufacturing company was changing its label. There was nothing awry with the product, but the labeling was wrong. A clearly competent white male has been denied his business "birthright" merely because he can't butcher the language and doesn't have okay legs. America has no sense of perspective, province or propriety when it comes to dolling out its political and corporate favors. This is not a good sign and we all will pay -- including the decision makers who blithely carry on their agendas without looking at the long view. And it is satire that accompanies my earlier comment about "clearly competent white male ... birthright." Butch is but an example and if his blonde, blue-eyed pedigree is cast aside for the sake of incompetence and cronyism, heaven help us all.

So the next time we get a new politician on the scene, or a new Congressperson or Senator, or a new Treasury Secretary or Presidential Chief of Staff, we should be a bit more discerning about what we are getting, from either side of the aisle. And we should entertain no structures that allow for elites and "special circumstances" to undermine our commitment to fairness. Any Quayle that can win office in any state should give us great pause. After all, at the feet of unfairness crouches oligarchy, elitism, cronyism and sadly, the current American way of strife.