11/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Chris Dodd Confronts WWE's Linda McMahon On Her Senate Candidacy

As you may have heard, last week we received some blockbuster news out of Connecticut, when Linda McMahon, CEO of the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, announced that she was stepping down from her position in the company to run for the Senate.

While McMahon announcing her candidacy was certainly a surprise, no one could have expected the shocking response from Senator Chris Dodd. Take a look.

What is not shown in the video, is that moments after Dodd's speech, Linda's husband, Vince McMahon, clobbered Dodd from behind with a steel chair. Linda then proceeded to drop the patented "Linda Lacerator" off the top rope, onto Dodd's prone body.

The confrontation serves as a precursor to Dodd and McMahon's upcoming "Hartford Hell In A Cell" match at the WWE's next pay-per-view entitled "Senate Smackdown."

What remains to be seen, is if Dodd's former tag team partner, Joe Lieberman, will come to Dodd's aide, or choose to side with the Republican McMahon.