08/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Health Insurance Industry Releases Ad Thanking Max Baucus For Screwing Over The American People

Montana Senator Max Baucus has made some health insurance executives very, very happy. As you may have heard, the Senate Finance Committee, which Baucus chairs, has crafted a "bipartisan", or "crappy", compromise leaving out both a public option and employer mandate.

The insurance industry is so thrilled with Baucus, that they released this ad thanking him for his work in screwing over the American people. Take a look.

You have to admire the gumption of Baucus and the Blue Dogs. Ignoring the will of the people. Happily to derailing the Democratic party agenda. Stabbing their President in the back.

And they have to be smart enough to realize that if Obama fails, their congressional seats and their Democratic majorities are in greater danger. But they don't care about any of that. They're blissfully out in the open about being bought and paid for, and their corporate donors are thrilled. It's safe to say that every penny they spent buying Max Baucus was worth it's weight in legislative gold.

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