My City Is Being Invaded by Banksters

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In mere days, my city, Chicago will be overrun by the worst of the worst. The lowest of the low. Criminals who have affected more lives than any mugger, killer, or gangster. My city is going to be overrun by Banksters.

See, the American Bankers Association is holding their convention in Chicago. And a rogue's gallery of corporate criminals who helped engineer the economic crisis, then took billions of bailout cash while dishing out bonuses and continuing the same reckless economic procedures, will be here to celebrate how great they are at screwing over you and me.

But, we here in the Windy City aren't real keen on that. In fact, our resentment towards the Banksters is like our pizza. It's deep and piping hot. So, we're going to give them a Chicago-style welcome. And you're invited. Take a look.

Join thousands from Chicago and all over the country in standing up to the Banksters October 25th through 27th. Join the fight for the Showdown In Chicago.