11/01/2010 05:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Watch: The People vs. Unlimited Coporate Elections Spending

This past weekend, I attended Barack Obama's "Get Out The Vote" rally in Chicago for Alexi Giannoulias.

As tens of thousands of people filed in, I pulled some aside and asked them what they thought about the unlimited spending in elections by multi-national corporations that was brought to us by the Citizens United case. Take a look at some of their responses.

Thankfully, the American public seems to grasp the devastating effect corporate spending has on our country. But will that knowledge be enough to stop the flood of corporate influence? With RepubliCorp front groups, like Karl Rove's American Crossroads and the US Chamber of Commerce spending over $6 million dollars to get Mark Kirk elected in Illinois... I guess we'll find out November 2nd.