09/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Birther Texas Ranger: Chuck Norris Kicks Ass For Dobbs (VIDEO)

After several days of being attacked for his spreading of the blatantly false Obama birth certificate story, the tide appears to have now turned for CNN's Lou Dobbs.

Indeed Dobbs has gained a most powerful ally. One that goes by the name of Chuck Norris.

Not only did Chuck write a blog post defending Lou, he has now cut a video showing that when you mess with Lou, you mess with Chuck. Take a look.

With a man like Chuck Norris at his side, Lou can feel free to continue to spread this ridiculous story for as long as he pleases. He can even do more interviews like this one, where he talks to some guy named "Zeke" about Obama's birth certificate.

On a side note, Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck are friends. Chuck regularly appears on Glenn's show.

I wonder how Chuck is going to react when he hears that Glenn called the birthers "stupid"?