Who Will Chris Dodd Dance With?

03/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Elizabeth Warren is right. What's about to happen could be

The final showdown between banks and American families.

Do we have a chance in this showdown? A great deal rests on the shoulders of the soon-to-be-retired Chris Dodd, who is said to be close to dropping the Consumer Financial Protection Agency from the Senate's financial reform bill. Politico quoted a financial services lobbyist in saying that

"Passing historic bipartisan legislation is on the goal line. Now that Dodd is retiring, he can ignore the demands of the special interests on the left (consumer groups, trial bar, unions) and dance with the special interests that brought him to the dance in the first place. Us, his loyal donors in the banking community,"

So, who is Dodd going to dance with? I recently produced a video with BanksterUSA asking that very question. Take a look.

A strong Consumer Financial Protection Agency could be Dodd's legacy. One of his last major acts as a Senator could be his greatest. Or he could dance with the bankers like Jamie Dimon.

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