06/03/2014 01:20 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

BB and Me: Bel Ami Boys


I lived in Prague for a year of graduate school in 2008 and 2009, and I marveled at the tantalizing gay boys I found in the city. After years of watching Bel Ami porn, I expected wild Slavic demigods, but I found the local gay community to be more reserved than their international reputation would suggest. Czech gays were reluctant to do anything that they viewed as "unclean," and even I, the uptight American, found their sexual practices to be much more careful than what I was used to.

Rimming, in particular, was not part of the Czech gay sex routine. In America, oral-anal sex often precedes anal sex as a type of sphincter warmup; in Prague, this course was completely skipped over. Most Czechs would reluctantly receive a rimjob (much to the pleasure of Westerners), but very few gay Czechs wanted to give oral-anal sex. Hepatitis A is much more common in Eastern Europe than in the Anglo world, and I think their reluctance to eat ass was a safer-sex decision. I only got close enough to one Czech (Honza, in what was a short-lived but passionate love affair) to introduce rimming into our relationship. He always made a big production of showering off while I watched; he wanted to be thoroughly clean for me when I wished to rim him.


Honza, that filthy boy, before his shower

Anal sex presents a much deeper form of uncleanliness, and Czech gays seemed aghast at bareback sex because of it. Americans gays are more relaxed about leaving a dirty condom during anal intercourse; however, even a lightly soiled rubber was mortifying for Czech gays. I remember one cute flight attendant, a bottom, who would cum during intercourse, then discreetly slip my condom off and run to the bathroom to clean up. He never revealed himself to be sullied in any way; he left me hot sex memories without the icky-stickyness of intercourse.

Despite my idealized memories of Prague, there was a dirty sex underground that even I was not privy to. The Czech Republic has one of the lowest rates of HIV infection (less than 0.1 percent), and Czechs are more than willing to bareback with each other: Only 36 percent of Prague's gays report using condoms with casual sex partners. (In our current American bareback "crisis," 54 percent of gay men still use condoms consistently.) Czechoslovakia was mostly closed off to the West during the AIDS crisis, and this prevented the virus from taking hold of the gay community at its most pivotal moment, hence their continued low rate of infection. Prague's gay community has one of the lowest rates of condom use due to complacency: Czechs are more likely to contract HIV from a foreigner than from another Czech, all things being equal.

The local boys never asked me to go condom-free because only hustlers (mostly washed-up Bel Ami models) bareback with Westerners.

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