Culture War: 1, Ground: Zero

08/23/2010 02:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yes, it's been a hot summer here in America and you know what that means: those darned Mosque-itos are out sucking the red from our American flag ... pesky Muslims, tryin' to practice their Muslimism in New York City. Maybe they should go down to Arizona and build their "insensitive" Muslim Community Center with some cheap Mexican labor. That'll prove they're just like us.

It is worth reiterating that the Muslim faith is not terrorism. Just like the Jewish faith is not Zionists. And Catholicism is not sex abuse. In short, if you believe that all Muslims were responsible for the attacks nine years ago, then you also believe that you put toast in a toaster, that cows drink milk, and that BP stands for Best Practices.

Let's be clear: this is no longer debate, this is a demonization. And what's festering underneath is a culture war that is ripping the heart from the soul of America. And it's doing a good job. We have been politicized into a panic attack about nearly everything, it's no wonder everyone's on drugs. It's so bad, even our drugs need drugs! And the longer this culture war operates under the neurotic "Choose A or B" mentality about any given "issue," the easier it is for those politicking the country to polarize and control the narrative of this troubled nation.

Moreover, as the word "insensitivity" is deceitfully used to describe the choice to build on a plot of land that has remained dilapidated for nine years, it seems a little peculiar that attention is diverted from the real "insensitivities" that should be captivating the American media right now, beginning with billions of dollars for Wall St. executives while the families they victimize with outrageous foreclosures take to the streets -- and ending with the continued deep water drilling off our coasts after human lives, wildlife, economies, and constitutional rights were eviscerated. And if two wars (and a shadow war in Pakistan) weren't enough, the casualties from this culture war back home only contribute to our instability as a people and national community right now.

Fortunately, we are more complicated than that so there's hope in having a truly balanced dialogue. We are like a quilt, albeit urine-stained from night terrors. But this kind of thing happens when you're scared right before you go to bed with fairy tales like "The Muslims Will Find You," "The Mexicans Will Kidnap You," and "The Homosexuals Will Eat You." (Note: Should these groups ever join forces to form a Mexican Homosexual Jihad, we are all fucked).

If we don't start speaking with one another with calm, patience, and the values of human freedom in our vocabulary, then we will continue staring at a metaphorical hole in the ground for another decade as America passes us all by.

Culture War: 1, Ground: Zero.