11/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sex Sells: Green Pinup-Girl Calendars

Posters and public service announcements and "Inconvenient Truths" can attract only so much attention to green causes. That's why, when they wanted attention, a few green organizations have brought in something guaranteed to get our undivided focus: pretty girls in skimpy clothes.

The leader in this movement was the Philadelphia Eagles. The pro football team printed its annual cheerleader calendar on recycled paper, with the girls wearing only eco-friendly clothing and accessories, as part of the team's Go Green initiative in August. I'm sure you're eagerly awaiting a link to the photos; a slide show is here. No word on which specific Eagles green initiatives receive the proceeds from the calendar.

Another organization has followed suit, and I expect it won't be the last. New York eco-eatery Habana Outpost this week released its pinup-girl calendar "Chicas Habana: Girls Gone Green!" The restaurant is extremely green, using solar power, composting, reclaimed building materials, biodegradable plates and cups, and gray water recycling—all of which are shown off by beauties in revealing clothing. The calendar is printed on recycled paper with soy inks, and the proceeds benefit Habana Works, a local environmental group.

Says Jenn of Tiny Choices: "While I'm not a proponent of objectifying women, I do think it's pretty neat that the photos sex-up compost stations and veggie-oil cars. . . . Hey Habana: how about including pin-up men in the 2010 calendar, and making it equal-opportunity eco-objectification?"

Agreed. It seems that a calendar girl in a bikini is just a girl in a bikini, whether it's made of organic bamboo or Lycra. Will the calendar's audience differentiate?