03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

World Cup Draw As it Happened

To conclude - This was a great great draw for the US, a better draw for Mexico, but no complaints from this US fan. I think all the groups look pretty balanced. We got the weakest teams in pot 3 (Algeria) and pot 4 (Slovenia). England will likely take care of business against those teams paving the way for the US to finish second.

I wouldn't really say that there is a true group of death. The Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal group is very tough, but with North Korea there are three teams for two spots not four for two. Far weaker than the US group in 06 or the Serbia, Ivory Coast, Holland, Argentina group.

I think conversely because there was no true "group of death" there isn't really a weak group out there either. It looked like the South Africa group would be really soft, but with Mexico and France that is on par with the US group. See more thoughts at Association Football.

1:26 - Wow Portugal, Brazil and Ivory Coast in the same group. With North Korea in that group it is hard to say its the group of death... But so far it looks the toughest.

1:24 - It is also great to get England first and not in the second or third game. Hopefully they come out a little flat. Teams tend to be more on their game in the second game than the first.

1:22 - Yes!!! SLOVENIA. Great great great group for the USA. We get the easies European side and the easiest side in the African and South American pots. This is about as well as it could have gone and you have to like our chances to get through.

1:20 - Okay to close out the pots... Yes! France goes to Mexico's group. We avoid the French - now just avoid Portugal.

1:16 - Mexico has the easiest group thus far with South Africa and Uruguay. They have to get a top European side. They just have to.

1:15 - YES!!! ALGERIA PUT INTO OUR GROUP. That was the team out of that pot we were praying for. Now it is all about dodging one of the top European sides (France, Portugal, Serbia).

1:14 - Okay phew we dodge Ivory Coast

1:13 - Brazil vs. North Korea... Looks like no one in North Korea will see a second of that game.

1:12 -Bob Ley with a great slam on New Zealand "lord knows what that score will be."

1:10 - WE GET ENGLAND!!! BRING IT!!! We get England in the opening match of the World Cup. Let the hype begin. And I would like to say I was a bit prophetic... "Give me England or give me death"

1:10 - Mexico had perhaps the weakest group in 06 and they get that again.


1:09 - We want Group A! Followed E, C

1:07 - The groups are headed like this:

A. South Africa
B. Argentina
C. England
D. Holland
E. Italy
F. Brazil
G. Spain

1:05 - They are placing the seeded teams in each group first. No real drama here.

1:04 - Okay here we go finally.

12:56 - Basically, the guy is explaining that no African or South American teams can play each other.

12:54 - Charlize is teasing us...

Ken and I from Association Football will be live blogging today's World Cup draw. The draw will determine who the US will face next June and is one of the most significant factors determining a team's success in the tournament. The US has a one in eight chance of drawing lowly South Africa and avoiding some of the bigger fish. Unfortunately, if it doesn't get South Africa, it is quite likely the US will be in the group of death.

Alright here we go... but first dancing!