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Maxine Goldenson
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Maxine “Max” Goldenson is a producer and philanthropist.

As president of MWG Entertainment, a digital production company specializing in creating new media, Goldenson guides MWG’s focus in reaching the female demographic with original content for Internet and mobile devices. Recent MWG successes include the launch of several online properties including romantic comedies, “My Two Fans” and “Road to the Altar” as well as suspense thriller, “Camera Obscura.”

“My Two Fans” was simultaneously distributed across 27 digital platforms and launched to widespread critical acclaim. The following summer, “Road to the Altar” was released with several brand integration partners. Most recently, MWG produced “Camera Obscura,”’s most viewed original series. Notably, MWG’s work has been featured on the cover of BrandWeek Magazine and covered by many of the world’s most prestigious news outlets.

Previously, Goldenson pioneered various innovative approaches to modern entertainment. In addition to her fully interactive online series, “Alaska, Louisiana” she teamed with various industry executives including Marvel’s Stan Lee and top NASA robot designer, Rodney Brooks to bring new age properties to market.

Earlier in her career, Goldenson relocated to London after graduating from Harvard University with honors and was responsible for bringing the Baskin Robbins organization to England while at Rothschilds Bank. She later returned to the United States and moved into executive positions at Roger Corman’s film company, Paramount Pictures and Disney.

Through her Max Goldenson Foundation, she supports numerous local, national and international charities with a special emphasis on education, children, older “orphans,” women and animals. In addition, she currently holds a seat on the Harvard Medical School Board of Directors.

Max Goldenson currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her son and daughter.

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