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Keep Your Teams Close and Tom Brady Closer

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Football season is almost finished. Super Bowl 46 is a couple months away but the playoffs are just around the corner. It's that time where we separate the losers from the winners. For me, it's that time I have to look at different possible ways of having the Jets make the playoffs. It sucks that if the playoffs were today, the Jets would not be a part of it, but luckily, there is a good amount of time left for the Jets to make some changes.

The Jets have been doing well by changing things up on offense with different wildcat plays, grounding and pounding and releasing Mayhem Maybin on the defense with their other amazing defensive players. So far, it has been letting the Jets win games because the flight boys cannot lose another game if they want a shot at this year's Super Bowl.

But aside from the Jets, I need to pay attention to certain teams that I could care less about. Starting with the Oakland Raiders. Out of all the games that Jets lost this year, I would take back that game over the Patriots and Broncos. Who are the Raiders? Who do they think they are? They play against the Green Bay Packers soon, there is no way possible the cheese heads are going to let Oakland mess up their perfect season. Then after, they do have a couple of tough teams to face.

On to WhoDey Cincinnati Bengals; they are in front of the Jets for a playoff spot. If the Jets keep winning and the Bengals lose, then the Jets can pass them for a playoff spot. The Houston Texans Defense should be able to shut down Andy Dalton and A.J. Green... Hopefully!

Now do not get me wrong, but I love Timothy Tebow. I read his book before he was a starter, I follow news about him, I love that he is winning. I hate that he's beating the Jets, but I do love him a lot. Tebow can stink in a game. He can throw incomplete passes, fumble the ball. But then he prays, then he runs; it's like a miracle comes over Tebow and it's as if defenses forget how to block, Denver gets a score, then they win. Either in overtime or with a second left, they just win! Is Tom Brady my pray here? Is Tom Brady the one that can finally stop Tebow Time?

I try to ignore news about Tom Brady. Of course I don't like him because he's a Patriot player, but he is also a sore loser. If he gets hit he stays on the ground for a good amount of time. Or on the sidelines he would throw a cup of water. I mean, there is no need for him to be doing that when he is winning. He needs attention and it bugs me. I think I need his help though. I need Brady to crush the Broncos in ways that I didn't know was possible. If it helps the Jets, then I am willing to cheer for Tom Brady to be amazing.

Maybe there is a little part inside of me that wants the Jets to make it to the playoffs so they can knock off the Patriots. The other side of me, though, just doesn't want to admit that the Jets season could be over when I feel like it just started.

But I promise everyone, if the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl next year while it is being held in New York -- in other words, MetLife, home of the Jets stadium -- I will never ever consider the New England Patriots a football team for the rest of my life.