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Jeremy Harris Lipschultz

Wayfinding 2.0 in Silicon Valley

Jeremy Harris Lipschultz | Posted June 24, 2012

The ancient Polynesian wayfinders would have been at home in Palo Alto, as the Academic Summit this June focused on media as now entirely social.


Storytelling for all forms of media -- including journalists and PR pros -- is both the central...

HuffPost Radio

BOTH SIDES: Senor Romney No Bueno? Why Is Issa Furious? A Solomanic SCOTUS?

HuffPost Radio | Posted June 24, 2012

Many Republicans took a similar approach to two very different presidential issues this week: concurring with Obama's policies on deportation of young immigrants and deployment of drones against al Qaeda leaders but not the process of getting there, supposedly bypassing Congress and leaking good news. Good ends, bad means?


Carrie Goldman

Bullying on the Bus: Solutions and Analysis

Carrie Goldman | Posted June 24, 2012

For several days I have been reading and watching coverage about the horrifying story of the bullied bus monitor. A viral YouTube video shows a group of middle school boys from New York relentlessly and cruelly taunting 68-year-old bus monitor Karen Klein, who has worked in the school...

Peter Dreier

Billie Jean King and Remarkable Success of Title IX

Peter Dreier | Posted June 24, 2012

There are many heroines and heroes in the struggle for women's equality. But as we celebrate yesterday's 40th anniversary of Title IX -- the path-breaking law that opened up more opportunities for girls and women in education and in sports -- we should recognize the extraordinary courage and...