Leaked US army video leaves Iraqi public angry

Following the leak of graphic footage shot from a US Army Apache attack helicopter in Iraq showing the killing of 12 civilians, many voices in the Arab world have expressed disgust at the incident - particularly at the crass commentary by those firing on the civilians which accompanies the video - but not surprise, writes Tom Trewinnard on Meedan.

Independent Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar led it's coverage of the news with:

This is cold-blooded murder and an abuse of the corpses, added to the list of crimes of the US occupation forces in Iraq.

قتل بدم بارد، وتنكيل بالجثث يضافان إلى جرائم قوات الاحتلال الأميركي في العراق

Palestinian commentator Adli Sadek also argued the video was further evidence of US Army transgressions in Iraq, and likened the shooting of the victims to the hunting of animals:

The tape broadcast by the American website features one in hundreds of lives lost to criminal bombarding of innocent unarmed people. It is filmed evidence to the Americans' lack of morality in war and peace. It also indicates their incapacity to play any leading role in the world, and their unworthiness of a position of global importance. The betrayed Iraqis were seen trying to escape from the shooting spree they did not expect. It was claimed later that dozens of innocent people were the victims of this US amusement by the atrocious murder from their helicopter as if they were hunting for rabbits or stray dogs.

الشريط الذي بثه موقع أميركي، ويصوّر واحدة من مئات وقائع إزهاق الأرواح، بالقصف الإجرامي للأبرياء المجردين من السلاح؛ هو أحد الأدلة المصورة على عدم قدرة الأميركيين على التحلي، لا بأخلاق الحرب ولا بأخلاق السلم، وبالتالي عدم صلاحيتهم للعب أي دور ريادي في العالم، وعدم جداراتهم في أن يكونوا مُهابين أو في موضع الأهمية. لقد ظهر المغدورون العراقيون يحاولون النجاة من نيران داهمة وإغراقية لا يتوقعونها، وقيل بعدها إن اثني عشر مواطنا بريئاً، كانوا ضحايا تلك التسلية الأميركية التي كان قوامها القتل المُستطاب، كأنما كانت طائرتهم تصطاد أرانب برية أو كلاباً ضالة

After a string of high profile incidents which call into question the combat ethics of US forces in Iraq, one reader of Egyptian independent daily Al-Shorouq bemoans the lack of accountability in the US Army, while also taking an opportunity to pay his respects to the two Arab Reuters journalists killed in the incident:

Their presence is a mistake, be it in Iraq or Afghanistan. They make repeated mistakes; which mistake are they talking about? They just want to proclaim their democracy to us; yet they speak of their mistakes yet are never held accountable by their nations. This is a fake expression. I trust Arab journalists more than Western reporters who are usually biased towards their countries. Honorable journalists are detained, tortured, and even killed. They stand against all obstacles. As a free civilian, I salute all free journalists.

 ان وجودهم خطا سوى في العراق اوافغنستان والاخطاء المتكررة عندهم لاتعد ولا تحصى فعلى اي خطا يتحدثون انهم فقط يريدون ان يبينوا لنا انهم ديمقراطيون ويتحدثوا عن اخطائهم ولاتحاسبهم دولتهم لانهم بلد حرية التعبير الزائف والله انا اثق في الصحافيين العرب اكثر من صحفي الغرب المنجزين اصلا الى دولهم اما صحافيين الشرفاء فهم يسجنوا ويذقوا انواع التعذيب حتى ان بعضهم يقتل ويصمودوا امام كل الصعاب فتحية من مواطن حر الى كل صحفي حرا

Some reports have suggested that the US Army will bow to the increasing calls for an investigation into the incident. On her blog Truth Seekers Forum, MuslimGirl calls for people to speak out about such needless bloodshed:

How is it that innocent blood is shed in cold blood while we stand silently? Has Iraqi blood become so cheap? Are there any honorable people who would rush to their defense, and refuse to see blood shed so inhumanely and irresponsibly?

هل تهان هذه الدماء البريئة بهذا البرود و نسكت ! هل أصبح الدم العراقي رخيصا لهذه الدرجة ! أم مازال هناك شرفاء يذودون عنه ! ويأبون أن يسفك بهذه الصورة اللإنسانية الغير مسؤولة!

Thanks to Abdellah and Ghaydaa for their translations. The views in this post are taken from diverse sources and should not be taken as the views of Meedan.