01/28/2009 02:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Back-Cover Book Description for The Grapes of Wrath II: Raisin' Hell

John Steinbeck's classic novel updated for a new America.

America: 2008. On the brink of a national recession, the Joad family loses its six-bedroom home to foreclosure. Heartbroken at the thought of moving into a house that would have only one guestroom, Pa Joad takes his family across the country to California, where he has heard that there are jobs for people willing to work hard at eating testicles on TV. However, once in California, the Joad family discovers that the only way for them to survive with the lifestyle they desire is for Tom Joad to become contestant on the game show The Moment of Truth, where he's pressured to reveal hurtful family secrets for cold cash. Faced with the harsh realities of how to get-rich-quick in America, the Joad family finds itself struggling to hold itself together in this whiny, epic, and worrisome tale. The Grapes of Wrath II: Raisin' Hell is truly a novel for a new America.

"Filled with words." -- New York Times Book Review

"When Rose of Sharon sold her breastmilk to Ben & Jerry's at the end instead of feeding her baby, I cried." -- Blake Baniewicz

"This is the novel I would have written if I wasn't dead." -- John Steinbeck

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