01/28/2009 02:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Having Lunch with My Old Friend, the Superdelegate

Interior: A restaurant.

Meg: Linda, it's really great to see you. And you have a daughter now, my goodness. It's been so long!

Linda, the superdelegate: I know, four years! We have so much to catch up on!

Waitress: What'll you have?

Linda (pointing to her daughter): She'll have the chicken salad...

Lil' Supie: Mom! I want tuna!

Waitress: We might actually be out of chicken salad. Let me check...yeah, there's a little left, but it's a couple of days old. I'll serve it if you really want it, but it has a bit of...experience.

Linda: Yes, that's fine.

Lil' Supie: Mom! I don't want chicken! I want tuna!

Meg: Maybe you should just let her order the tuna, Linda?

Linda: I know what's best for my daughter, Meg.

Meg: But the waitress said it's old...

Linda: The chicken is what's best for her. Besides, as long as you've known me, what do I always say?

Meg: "Once I make up my mind, I stick to it." I think it might just be better...

Linda: Look, Meg, I love chicken. Everyone in my family loves chicken. I always order chicken. Heck, I've been ordering chicken since 1992, before my daughter was even born.

Meg: But it's not good to always eat the same thing, right? Then you're getting too much of same nutrients and missing out on others. Come on, let the kid order something different for a change. I mean, tuna isn't even that different from chicken--it's not like the kid suddenly wants a steak.

Linda: I can't believe you're trying to undermine my authority. You might be an old friend, Meg, but I know what's right for my child.

Meg: But there are parents who think it's right to beat their kids! I'm not saying you do that, but I think every parent can use a bit of advice every now and then. And I think the best advice is to listen to your daughter. She's not just a plaything for you to manipulate -- she's a person.

Linda: Look, Meg, I don't mean to be rude, but you aren't a parent. You don't know what you're talking about.

Waitress: I just looked again, and the chicken is moldy.

Linda: We'll take it.