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Katy Perry, Perez Hilton and Blue Wigs

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2010-06-09-KatyPerry.jpgWhat's with bright blue wigs? I went to the NNN (New Now Next) Awards last night and Perez Hilton was sporting a blue page boy. Katy Perry wore a banged, long version to the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend. Granted, these two are both outrageous performers who enjoy envelope pushing, but why the bright blue? Katy told MTV that it's an ode to Smurfette, who she's playing/voicing in the 2011 Smurfs movie. Perez didn't explain his wig, but mentioned that it coordinated with his Moods of Norway blue plaid suit (which was a serious eyesore). So do we need to all rush out to grab blue wigs as a summer trend? No, but my friends and I had a "get wiggy for summer" wig-themed party last weekend and it was fantastic. Everyone showed up in a wig (some wore coordinating outfits, like my friend Dan who wore a Axl Rose/Kid Rock-esque wig with bandana and cut-off shorts). Somehow wigs, whether they're cerulean or fuchsia, are a hit at a party.