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Megan Berry

Megan Berry

Posted: April 6, 2010 05:30 PM

5 Most Expensive iPad Apps

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One of the iPad's biggest selling point is the sheer number of apps available for it. You can play games, learn new things, and use the iPad for just about anything, but not without a price. Mobclix data revealed the most expensive iPad apps. See the results in the slideshow below. Would you buy them?

If you want to buy all five, it'll cost you $1,759.95!

SiteClone Publisher - $899.99
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SiteClone Publisher allows you to "supercharge your web content or offline web apps by publishing it to iPod, iPhone and iPad users." At a cost, that's almost double the iPad itself, this app better be worth it. Right now it's running an opening weekend special for $199.99, but even at that price, this is a very expensive app.
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5 Most Expensive iPad Apps
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