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Honk if You're Heartbroken

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Today at approximately 2:30pm in Shanghai, a swell of horns surged outside of my 19th floor office window. From my office, I have a clear view of major roads and an expressway. Outside, cars on the highways and streets had stopped, as had cyclists in mid-intersection. Pedestrians slouched on curbs. Workers weather-proofing roofs rested their hands on their heads, women hanging laundry stopped in mid-motion, water from dripping clothes following the downward trajectory of somber frowns. Although it wasn't quiet, it was still.

Today's event was one of the first in a three-day period of nationwide mourning in which the government, among other things, has restricted access to entertainment channels and plead for the discontinuation of frivolous text messaging, as well as paused the torch relay.

The national death toll has risen to 34,073 people with 245,108 injured; more than 9,500 people are still buried in the rubble, and an additional 29,418 are still missing, state media reported Monday.

For audio of today's event, click here.

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