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Melanie Biehle
Melanie Biehle is a professional storyteller and visual artist whose career can’t be described by checking off one box. She helps creative clients develop unique ways to visually and verbally share their story and build their brand and online presence. She's a visual artist and illustrator, an interiors, lifestyle, and travel photographer, and a writer.

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Entries by Melanie Biehle

What Judy Blume Taught Me About Writing

(0) Comments | Posted June 18, 2015 | 3:07 PM


The right story can have a huge impact.

For me, one of those life-changing stories happened in 2003, after I left a campaign rally for democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean at Town Hall Seattle. He mentioned something that sparked an idea...

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The Introvert Travel Guide

(1) Comments | Posted May 22, 2015 | 2:56 PM


There's been more talk about introversion in recent years. By now many people finally understand that being an introvert doesn't mean that I'm quiet or shy. I love getting together and chatting it up with people, but preferably in small groups where you...

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Women

(6) Comments | Posted July 15, 2013 | 1:57 PM

Last week I shared a very important to-do item with my blog readers. I asked them to take a couple of hours to step away from the computer, think, and define what success means to them.

It's so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is...

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Actually, I Don't Want My Life To Be Like An Audrey Hepburn Movie

(570) Comments | Posted December 6, 2012 | 3:00 AM

It's December 31, 2005. I'm on my way back to Seattle to live there for the third time, except now I'm on my own.

Just hours earlier I spent my last night in Los Angeles, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's on my laptop and eating pizza on the floor of...

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