Detroit, Elections, and the Power to Choose

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This Tuesday, November 3, citizens of metro Detroit will flock to the polls to determine whether Mayor Dave Bing will stay in office, or yield his position to accountant Tom Barrow. Additionally, they'll get a chance to vote on Proposal D -- a controversial idea to alter the current structure of the Detroit City Council to a council-by-district structure, similar to most large cities in the United States.

Right now, people from Detroit and across the country are "voting" with their dollars as well: giving what they can to improve public education one classroom at a time. Over time, these gifts are making an impact -- funding projects $400, $500, or even more expensive projects, down to a level where other citizens can give what they can to fully fund the rest. Thanks to everyday people giving what they're able, 643 classroom projects from high-need schools in the U.S. now need less than $100 to come to life! These projects represent hundreds of teachers working tirelessly to equip their students with the best education possible with the resources they have.

To view the 280 Detroit projects that need less than $100 to come to life, click here. To view classroom project requests from teachers in your community, visit today.