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Melanie Nayer

Melanie Nayer

Posted: August 19, 2010 07:30 AM

Walking into a hotel for the first time is like meeting a blind date -- first impressions count and if the hotel (or date, for that matter) doesn't appeal it's likely you won't go back for seconds.

Hotels hire the best of the best designers to create that unique first impression. Working with space, color, dimensions and textures are just part of the equation - culture, history, art and social elements add to the decor. The end result: a dramatic space that leaves a lasting impression.

It's not just what's inside the front doors that matter, though. Your first impression could be winding road that drops you at the front gates or the private boat ride that leads you to your bungalow on the water. We captured some of the best hotel entrances and lobby designs from around the world so you can get acquainted with the finer things on the first floor, before retreating to your room for the night.

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Little Palm Island, Florida
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Part of the fun of your hotel stay is actually getting to the hotel. For those staying at the tranquil and private Little Palm Island, located just 15 minutes offshore of Mile Marker 28.5 in the Lower Florida Keys. Called "Florida's most secluded and romantic retreat" by Travel + Leisure Magazine, the magic starts before you even get to the resort. Your boat ride to LPI lands you on this East Dock, which is your entry into complete seclusion for stay on Little Palm Island.
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