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Melanie Nayer


Top 10 High-Tech Hotels

Posted: 09/20/10 01:12 PM ET

Gone are the days of spotty Internet access and clock radios. Today's hotel rooms are rocking the tech world with everything from in-room motion sensors to touch-screen walls.

High-tech hotel allow guests to do everything from communicate to a private butler from the in-room iPad, dim the lights for a more romantic mood without having to get out of bed, and check-in without having to wait in line at the front desk. Of course, there are the extreme high-tech hotel rooms... those that take things just a step above every other hotel...

Find out the dinner special at your hotel's restaurant or make virtual women appear on your in-suite pool table -- whatever your wish, there's a high-tech hotel room for you. Whether you're into the latest tech craze or just want to play with something pricey during your hotel stay, these hotel rooms will take you to another level.

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Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
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When the Aria at CityCenter first opened in early 2010, the hotel was labeled as one of the most high-tech hotels in the world. Adding an entirely new vibe to Vegas, each room at Aria is wired with a fiber optic connection for 100Mbps Internet access, and comes with an RFID card that senses when you are near your hotel room and can unlock the door. Forget about fumbling for the light switch when you enter the room after a night on the Strip - the room knows when you've arrived and will turn on the lights for you, and even part the curtains so you have a view of the city. There’s a “good night” button by the bed that turns off the lights, closes the shades, and enables the do-not-disturb sign.
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