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Melanie Stone
Melanie Stone is a journalism student at DePaul University. Her work has been published in several newspapers and websites, including Crain's Social, PBS Mediashift, ChicagoNow and the Daily Illini.

Find her on Twitter at @MelanieAlissa. You can also visit her website,

Entries by Melanie Stone

From Cornfields to the City: What It Feels Like to Be a Transfer Student

(6) Comments | Posted October 15, 2013 | 2:23 PM

No one knows me here.

There are some days when I feel invisible. I can walk around campus without recognizing anybody. To these people, I'm just another student, an anonymous face in the crowd.

I am loneliest at the gym. This is when I miss my old school, where...

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A Semester at Home: How My Trial Turned Into Triumph

(3) Comments | Posted June 29, 2013 | 4:21 PM

I withdrew from the University of Illinois on an unseasonably warm Monday in September 2012.

The ceiling fan in my bedroom whirred softly as I lay beneath it that morning, crying, then sleeping, then crying some more. I could hear my parents talking downstairs -- their concerned voices floated...

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