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Delegate And Elevate: Tips For Generation Y Managers

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Many young managers fail to realize when their team is successful, it makes them look good. When you delegate effectively, it gives you the chance to focus on the bigger picture. It gives you more time to set and achieve larger goals for your own professional development. Not to mention, it gives your team a chance to grow and shine.

The issue raised among HR professionals is that younger generations:

  • Sabotage the work of others in order to keep the limelight on themselves
  • Keep the "special" projects to gain recognition for themselves
  • Want the title, but they don't want to work for it (this is true among all generations in my opinion)
  • Lack leadership experience
  • Bully their team mates
  • So I developed a list of tips to help you delegate and elevate:

    Be confident:
    It's important to be secure in who you are and what you bring to the team. Always strive for excellence from within -- professional development is always an on-going process.

    Build a strong and cohesive team:
    Hire the right talent for the job. Each individual will have their own strengths, and will bring something new to the team. Take it a step further, and hire a consultant to conduct psychometric assessments before you hire someone. Pinpoint their strengths, assess how they respond to a certain environment and assign projects accordingly.

    Assess ability and/or training needs:
    Are the individuals on your team capable of executing the task? If not, what type of training would they need? Does the company provide training? If so, encourage your team to utilize training tools offered by the company to strengthen themselves and add value to the team.

    Recognize a star in the making:
    Learn how to discern potential within your team; then foster it, and watch it grow. Think of how a parent feels when they watch his/her child do an amazing performance and everyone gives a standing ovation. That's how you will feel when your subordinates succeed.

    Motivate and encourage:
    When you assign a new or difficult task, ensure you provide a sequential process in which the task should be completed. Always be clear on your expectations. Establish a follow-up schedule, provide constructive criticism, and positive reinforcement. When people feel confident, they strive to exceed their own expectations.

    Encourage creativity in work style:
    Everyone has their unique learning style, and process for completing tasks. The last thing you want to do his hinder their process by nitpicking. Keep your focus on the final result, not on the details of how the job gets done.

    Melissa is the principal advisor and founder of The Career Advisors.

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