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5 Reasons Why The Unlucky Ones Travel


They tell me that I'm lucky, I'm telling you that I am not.
It would be luck, if one morning, I notice that a stranger paid my debts when I would consult my bank account.
It would be luck, if someone calls me to offer me a free world tour.
Well, it is not the case.
They tell me that I'm lucky. My answer is simple. I chose to be happy.

5 Reasons why the unlucky ones travel:

1. The choice to leave despite the despites

There are probably a lot of excuses to remain firmly rooted in his comfort zone. It is so easy to wait for a possible future promise. However, I am of those who think that there is a massive difference between an excuse and a reason. If there are excuses for not moving, there are very good reasons to explore life, to explore the world.

Two years ago, while working for the children protection as a social worker, I was proud of my career and my diploma. The kind of job you cannot leave because the wage, conditions and benefits are just too good. I was proud, but. But the problem is that there was a "but." I always wanted to go on a long trip without having the courage to do so. I was too attached to my material and to the humans around me.

Each year, the institution provides a day of recognition where there are conferences. That day, I eagerly listened to the speaker who pitches questions similar to these:

"What makes you feel alive?";
"Why do you get up in the morning?";
"What makes you vibrate?".

I thought that human resources had made a very bad choice if they intended to keep their employees with this kind of motivational conference. I was wrong. My blossomed team seemed to have found his voice. Secretly, I was probably the only one wondering what I was doing with my life.

For a long time, I have made my decisions based on my fears. Change is scary, but also refreshing. Since that day, I try the best that I can to make my decisions based on what makes me vibrate.

If there is no excuse to stay, there are a bunch of good reasons to leave.
They tell me that I'm lucky, I'm telling you that I challenge and defeat my fears.

2. The choice to leave despite my debts

If I have had a lot of fun with my student loans, made immature mistakes during my young frisky life and bought a car even if I didn't have the money for it, let me tell you that I am getting better. I tend to be in an adult mode and to be more responsible. "Why did she not pay her debts before travelling?" you think. That would mean I should wait 10 years before I can afford the "luxury" to travel.

Life is too short to wait.
They tell me that I'm lucky, I'm telling you that I work... abroad.

3. The choice to be rather than to have

I chose to be... happy. I do not choose to possess. Obviously, I'm human and I have my weaknesses. I prefer to simply invest in my life and in my experiences rather than material. When I sold most of my material life, I felt free. The day I'll die, this material is not going to follow me. The day I'll die, I would rather have had time to live.

While my friends are buying houses, furnishing their apartment or buying a new car, I travel.

They tell me that I'm lucky, I'm telling you that my priorities are slightly different.

4. The choice to live rather than survive

In the middle of my comfort zone, I find it so easy to forget to live. I'm in survival mode, overstressed and, most of the time, uncomfortable. As I am anxious (broken), travel is my way of living. This is my miracle. An effective method to make sure I stick in the present moment.

I want to live my life as I decide. It's mine. Why should I survive if I can enjoy myself where the magic happens?

They tell me that I'm lucky, I'm telling you that I chose to live my life, to live my dreams.

5. The choice to live with remorse rather than with regrets

This phrase has always been among my favourites. Teenager, I «blablate» insanely on this topic. I didn't really understand the meaning. Today, it's how I make my decisions. I prefer to have remorse. Yes, I have not been there for my family and my friends when they needed me during the last fifteen months. I missed the good stuff and the bad. And yes, I feel guilty. Can I nevertheless feel guilty living my dream?

I do not want to wake up a good day, saying that " I should have been there or done that...". Excuses are going to be unforgivable when it will be too late.

I prefer to fall asleep and still be impressed by the "luck" that I had to have lived my life.

They tell me that I'm lucky, I'm telling you that I am not.
They tell me that I'm happy, I'm telling you that this is a simple choice.

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