04/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Black Women Say Yay or Nay On Hillary

According to Politico, seven of ten black women lawmakers in congress who have made endorsements, have endorsed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama. UrbnewsTV explores black women's views on Hillary Clinton in the two videos below. Activist Rosa Clemente expresses serious reservations in the first video.

"She's said she's good for going to war... It's her husband who expanded the juvenile justice bill, which now gives us 2.1 million people incarcerated, he's the one that got rid of habeus corpus... he's ythe person who came up with welfare reform, which is why we have an entire underclass of poor women of color and poor white women in the midwest who can't make a living. She was with hi in that house when he did all his dirt... If she wans to be an equalizer and power player, I can't believe she talk to him about these policies at night."

In the second, radio personality Raqiyah Mays expresses her support.

"We want to see a woman in the White House! I think as a black woman, I feel like Hillary was running that White House when Bill was there. As women, if you're married, I'm married, and I know my husband doesn't make a decision without me, and if he does, he's gonna hear it when he gets home. It's gonna be a problem! ... You gotta play hard with the boys."