The Monsters They Created

05/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As the violence perpetrated by Tea Party activists over the past week escalates, as conservative leaders make excuses and blame Democrats for overreacting, while encouraging these extremists to take up arms, as Democrats increase security for themselves and their families, it seems I am the only one who sees the elephant in the room everyone else is ignoring. The President of the United States is in danger, now more than ever. Why aren't we talking about this?

Agree with his politics or not, he is still the president of our country and this effort to destabilize him and the Democratic majority through lies and violence is crazy, the culmination of a year of Glenn Beck screaming things like, Take back our country, defend yourselves against this tyrannical government, Obama is a Socialist, a Communist, a Marxist, at war with Christianity, an anti-American traitor who arrogantly ignores the will of the people, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...!

It is the culmination of a year of Sarah Palin death panels, of Lou Dobbs keeping the birther conspiracy alive even after evidence debunks it, of Rush Limbaugh saying he hopes the president fails. They did this. All of them. The right-wing media machine created the monsters America is dealing with today. It's no longer a foreign enemy that's dangerous to America and its president; it is the domestic, extreme right collective that poses the greatest threat.

Are Republicans so desperate to re-gain the power they so deservedly lost by a people's majority, they would do whatever is necessary, at any cost, no matter what the consequence, align themselves with whatever group will have them, no matter how dangerous, extreme or ill-advised they are? The answer is yes, it appears they are.

For the love of money, these leaders are shameless in their intent to continue to manipulate people who are irrational, even when that manipulation makes these already unstable people dangerous, to our leaders, to our President, and to the people of the United States.

So I challenge right-wing leaders to own their culpability in this, to take responsibility when someone gets hurt, when our President is threatened, when assassination is attempted, and to finally admit they contributed to it all with their irresponsible rhetoric. And for what? For money. For power. For their complete inability to grow up, admit they lost, admit they're wrong and move into a new direction.

Do I expect to actually get an acknowledgment of responsibility from the right-wing media? No. Of course not. What I expect is what we've historically gotten from them whenever an unhinged follower believes what they say, wallows in fear and commits a heinous act because of it: excuses and lies and the victim turned into public enemy number one. The death of President Obama would be considered a ultimate triumph to some of them, though I don't exactly expect them to admit it.