Irene and the Bully Magnet

05/24/2011 02:44 pm ET | Updated Jul 24, 2011

It was a dreaded gift that started Irene's wardrobe issues for almost over a year. The gift you may ask? A pair of jeans. What's wrong with the gift of jeans, you may ask again? They were jeans like no other. Not only were they ugly, big, and baggy, but also they were basically a bully magnet. In this story, I will tell you the story of Irene and the Bully Magnet.

It was late fall, early winter. Irene was in her Bronx, New York located home, around 5 pm. She was playing with her Barbies, when her mother entered the living room. Her mother's heavy winter boots dragged across the zebra printed tile. It was so cold outside that when Irene's mother came into the house the cold, crisp winter air ran into Irene's face.

"I have something for ya," Irene's mother said as she, dug around in a yellow bag, she held in her hand.

Irene's face lit up with excitement and anticipation. But, was quickly replaced with a frown, as her mother pulled out the most ugly jeans she'd ever seen from the bag.

They were paraded with blue patches everywhere. The patches either had the word "Mecca" or simply a "M" on it. Irene's mother didn't seem to notice the disapproval that literally covered Irene's face.

With no optimism that the jeans would look good on her, Irene blurted out, "Ew, but they're ugly!"

Almost scolding Irene, Irene's mother said, " Do you know how many children wished they could have these jeans?"

"You're keeping them." She then added.

Knowing she could do nothing else, Irene wordlessly stormed off to her room, and cried.


The next day, Irene woke up, totally refreshed. She dressed for school by herself. Irene dressed herself in her best white shirt, her favorite denim jeans, and her brand new white sneakers. But of course, her triumph was short lived.

As soon as Irene's bedroom door squeaked open. The jeans met her face.

"You're wearing these today." Her mother said from behind the jeans.

Irene took the pants from her mother closed the bedroom door and pulled off her favorite denim jeans and pulled on the new ugly ones.


When she pulled them up, they fell back down, refusing to stay up on her waist. When she was finally able to keep them up they swallowed her legs. Irene didn't like the fit. Her face squished up flipping through options that would give her an excuse not to wear the jeans. In every scenario, Irene failed. So instead she chose to wear them.


After Irene's mother dropped her off at Pre-Kindergarten, it seemed like the cold winter air stopped. Children stopped and stared to figure out why anyone would wear such pants! Irene was very embarrassed.


Irene was bullied and made fun of because of those pants. Even when she wasn't wearing them she was still made fun of. Bullies tried to make her trip over the pants. They pushed her. They did everything they could to make Irene miserable.

Irene tried to dispose of the pants. As, she did with her left over vegetables she, tried to throw them out of the window, but they wouldn't fit. She would set them on fire, she thought. Too risky, she thought again. There seemed like there was no way to get rid of the pants.


Months and months of bullying went by until...

" Those jeans, are getting a little snug, aren't they?" said Irene's mother.

Irene shrugged.

"Maybe we should give them away."

As Irene's mother walked away with the jeans over her shoulder, she tried to contain all the happiness that was overwhelming her. Irene stood there sympathizing for the next person that would call those jeans "theirs".