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Mera McGrew

Blog Entries by Mera McGrew

Behind the David and Goliath Photo (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

(2) Comments | Posted December 14, 2012 | 3:10 PM

The recently published photograph by Octavio Aburto, titled "David and Goliath" (above) has been widely shared over the last few weeks. Mission Blue recently caught up with the photographer to get an inside look at the photo that visually showcases the sheer size of...
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The Last Frontier: Antarctica's Southern Ocean

(4) Comments | Posted October 24, 2012 | 10:01 AM

Mention Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and images of remoteness, vast ice sheets and large glaciers immediately come to mind. But despite the area's harsh wind and severe cold, the Antarctic is bursting with marine life.

Diving into the Antarctic's cold ocean, the intrepid explorer will witness bright-colored sea stars,...

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Google Launches Street View Underwater

(2) Comments | Posted September 26, 2012 | 10:28 AM

Google Street View splashes into the world's ocean allowing people to dive in and explore coral reefs from behind their computer screens, tablets and smartphones. In the same way you have long been able to virtually walk around a busy New York City block using Street View, you can now...

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For Shark Attack Survivors the Fight Is Personal

(0) Comments | Posted August 15, 2012 | 2:38 AM

A group of shark attack survivors have joined together in what many would think of as an unlikely and ironic mission -- to conserve and restore the world's dwindling shark population. The survivors work in association with the Pew Environmental Group. Dubbed Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation,...

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From 60 Feet Below the Waves to the Nation's Capital

(0) Comments | Posted August 6, 2012 | 5:51 PM

Washington D.C. -- On Wednesday August 1, 2012, U.S. Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R./FL) and fellow Congress members Mario Diaz-Balart (R./FL) and David Rivera (R./FL) met with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Chief Dr. Jane Lubchenco to discuss the future of Aquarius Reef Base, the world's only functioning underwater...

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A Hero for Sea Turtles in Australia: Ph.D Candidate Julia Reisser-

(0) Comments | Posted July 6, 2012 | 5:07 PM

Julia Reisser spends her days poring over mapping data in the hopes she can help sea turtle hatchlings negotiate a deadly, and increasingly prevalent, ocean hazard: floating plastic.

Reisser, a researcher and Ph.D student at The University of Western Australia, is creating the first map to show the distribution of...

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James Cameron: What's Next

(1) Comments | Posted June 19, 2012 | 2:20 PM

No sooner had filmmaker and explorer James Cameron returned from visiting the bottom of the ocean on March 26, that people started wondering what his next expedition would be.

Cameron noted that one dive does not mark the end of deep-sea exploration.

"The best metaphor here would be that you...

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Australian Government Finalizes Plans for the World's Largest Ocean Reserve Network

(0) Comments | Posted June 18, 2012 | 7:55 PM

On Thursday, Australia's Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke made the official announcement of the finalized plans for the world's largest network of marine reserves.

The historic network of marine reserves will protect 1.2 million square miles (3.1 million square kilometers) of ocean and will include 44 marine parks.

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Coral: Rekindling Venus

(0) Comments | Posted June 6, 2012 | 11:54 PM

Yesterday was likely the last chance for those of us currently living to see the planet Venus pass in front of the sun. The transit of Venus is among the rarest of astronomical events -- the transit will not occur again until 2117.

Historically, tracking the transit of Venus was...

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Our Blue Mind

(1) Comments | Posted May 31, 2012 | 5:29 PM

What is it about being on a white sandy beach that makes people happy? Why does the sound and smell of the ocean make people feel relaxed? Why is "ocean view" the most valuable phrase in real estate?

This coming weekend, cognitive neuroscientists, conservationists, researchers, artists and members of...

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My Village, My Lobster

(1) Comments | Posted May 24, 2012 | 2:14 PM

Recently recognized as a finalist at the International Wildlife Film Festival, the documentary My Village, My Lobster tells the harrowing story of an industry and a community in crisis.

"I have always been interested in social was literally over a lobster dinner in Nicaragua that I was first introduced...

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