06/30/2011 05:16 pm ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

Doing Red, White and Blue Right

The upcoming Fourth of July holiday may bring out your patriotic streak. But most likely, you'll eschew star-spangled walls and a giant bust of George Washington in favor of something more temporary -- like a flag hung out on the porch and a festive tablecloth.

Nevertheless, it is possible to do red, white and blue well -- and permanently -- without degenerating into full-on kitsch. While there are times when the trio of colors can work in their purest forms (for example, in a nautical-themed Nantucket abode), in the spirit of July 4th, we set out to discover what it takes to create a more sophisticated interior using versions of this Americana palette.

Marni Katz, a contributor to The Inside Source, eBay's digital style magazine, spoke with three talented designers -- Tobi Fairley, Ellen Hamilton, and Jill Goldberg -- all of whom have created chic, red, white, and blue spaces without a hint of Yankee Doodle Dandy. Get inspired by the images below and visit The Inside Sourcee to see how they deconstruct the perfectly executed spaces and get their tips for pulling off the look yourself.


Red. white and blue interiors by Tobi Fairley, Jill Goldberg and Ellen Hamilton

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This article was written by Marni Katz. Photo Credit: Red, white and blue rooms by Tobi Fairley, Jill Goldberg and Ellen Hamilton