11/30/2010 01:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

FFJD: INTERVIEW: Jordan Osher from Tonight's Millionaire Matchmaker.

So, Millionaire Matchmaker is tomorrow, but to prepare ourselves for that, (and the festival of lights), I nabbed an interview with her chief victim on Wednesday's episode, Jordan Osher. So get excited.

Jordan is sort of a paparazzo. I had to ask him to put his camera down for this interview, because my makeup team is on an early post-thanksgiving pre-hanukkah jaunt to the South of France to do some work on my French alter ego, Meredeet.

So basically, his site, "Meet The Famous," lets you be your own papp. Which is both great and awful. He sells photos to TMZ and Just Jared, and also FFJD. Duh. Let's see what J-dizzle had to say about P-Swizzle.

FFJD: What was your impression of Patti? Do you think that she is the same on and off camera?

Jordan: Patti was awesome. The first time I met her was when the camera was rolling, so what you see on TV is EXACTLY the way she is in person. She has no filter, and will say what's on her mind at all times. She pointed out some major "relationship" flaws that I had and gave me advice on how to work on fixing them (which I still do today!).

FFJD: What did you expect from the experience? Had you seen the show previously?

Jordan: I had seen Millionaire Matchmaker a couple times because my friends are big fans of the show. I went on the show hoping to be able to talk about my company, have an amazing time (and not embarrass myself too much on national television).

FFJD: Are you happy with the way the process went, and are you still dating/in contact with the girl you chose for your master date?

Jordan: Absolutely. The entire crew was so much fun to work with and I actually learned some valuable lessons from Patti along the way. I had a great time on my "master date" and had a blast hanging out with her for a couple months after the show (she's an amazing person). [Ed note: it didn't work out.]

FFJD: How does being in the world of celebrity photography affect your dating life?

Jordan: It hasn't really had any impact. Most girls that I meet have some interest in celebrity culture, so it's a great conversation starter...(much better than if I was an accountant).

FFJD: Do you think that the show reflects New York realistically?

Jordan: Yes and no. It all comes down to how each episode is edited. I think viewers get a glimpse into the life of a millionaire in NYC. However this city is a melting pot and it's difficult to showcase every "type" of single person living here in a season of Millionaire Matchmaker.


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