02/10/2011 09:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

First Date Etiquette

So most people have some modicum of etiquette on a first date. I'm not talking about ponies or flowers or dancing or a five-piece band playing show tunes (although I guess that would be nice?). I'm talking about basic, basic things that apparently are lost on some. I'm not saying that I'm any Emily Post(erstein), but these are basic rules of thought should probably be adhered to.

1. Cell phones on table.

This is particularly annoying if you're of the general variety who is adhered to BBM. Of which I am a moderate felon, but srsly guys, don't have your cell phone on the table. It is really rude. Not to mention, you're trying to get to know someone else. If my date's phone were constantly vibrating or blinking, I'd probably take out my tilapia and tell him he has call waiting.

2. Texting during date.

This is along the same line. Maybe if the guy is in the bathroom and taking a really long time and maybe you wanted to like check the score of the game (and by check the score I mean check your Facebook to see what the ex is up to or maybe to read Whitney Port's tweets, because all of them are just pictures of her looking like a beautiful gazelle. Sigh.)

3. Don't get wasted.

I know you probably want to ease the tension because this is that boy who sent you vaguely strange messages on Match and winked at you a total of eight times until you relented to him taking you to ABC Kitchen. (I need to try this place.) But it's really unattractive to be drunk on a date. For either party. Not to mention, potentially bad and scary things could happen with someone you just met, or you could tumble down the stairs out of the bar or vomit in your date's clutch.

4. Be a gentleman.

Yes I know, everyone is into being Independent Women and such (as Destiny's Child sings while crawling on sandy beaches and getting sand in their leotards), but chivalry will win you major points, dudes. Opening doors, opening car doors, pulling out chairs, putting down your coat for me to walk my new Brian Atwood pumps across (just kidding, and the shoes are a fantasy too...le sigh) is really, really nice. A far cry from being felt up at the college bar by a frat boy you like but aren't so sure about after you heard what happened at last year's Fling Formal. With the Swiffer.

Any more tips?

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