12/07/2010 11:17 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Interview: Doug Kepanis From Tonight's Millionaire Matchmaker !

Hay guys! Wasn't that Tumblr outtage just the pits? Anyway, for the third week in a row, FFJD has a lil treat for you guys on the day of Millionaire Matchmaker! We scored an interview with Douglas Kepanis, one of the millionaires tonight. Kepanis is a divorce attorney. I bet he did a lot of fighting with Patti.

FFJD: Tell us about yourself!

I am an attorney in New York specializing in divorce law. I really enjoy my work -- helping people get out of bad marriages or abusive relationships. Everyone has a misconception of divorce attorneys as the Arnie Becker type from LA LAW [um this reference is lost on FFJD and its entire fan base, but whatevs].

Although I am a shark in the courtroom, I treat my clients with compassion. Whether it is representing a celebrity client or my next door neighbor, everyone receives the first class treatment.

In my personal life, I enjoy hiking in the park with my dog Uncle Otis. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff who weighs about 140 pounds and whose hobbies including snoring and drooling. [I really enjoy this image -- the divorce attorney, who is a rabid dog in the courtroom, and his almost rabid dog.]

[Millionaire Matchmaker] was purely by chance. I received an email from the agency casting the millionaires for the show telling me they loved my firm websites and my photo and wanted to know if I was single and interested in being on television. Not knowing if this opportunity would ever arise again, I said yes. [And when it involves P. Stang, you sign up to be a punching bag.]

They filmed an on camera interview with me, I filled out the requisite disclosure forms, and away we went. It was truly a whirlwind experience and it is still sinking in.

FFJD: What did you think of Patti? Was she different off camera?

Patti is Patti. What you see is what you get. She is all business. She will not treat you one way on camera as opposed to off. You always know where you stand with her and, as a New Yorker, I totally appreciate that.

FFJD: How was the overall experience for you?

The overall experience was insane. From the pre-interview to the background filming, it seemed surreal. However, that was nothing compared to the mixer. Although I am not shy around women, being thrust into the middle of a room where 20 women are all there to get to know you is a bit overwhelming.

Once I got my sea legs, I was able to converse with almost everyone there -- it's a lot harder than it looks. Once I selected the lady I would take on a date, it all went by at super-speed. Soon enough, I was back in Patti's office, telling her about my date and wrapping up the filming. Now I am all set to join my family and friends in watching my reality television debut.

FFJD: Are you still dating the girl you chose?

Although I am not dating the girl I chose, we are still friends and text from time to time. She is from Israel [FFJD FFJD FFJD] originally and plans on moving back there soon so, it would have made for an insanely long distance relationship.

FFJD: Are you a New Yorker? If so, do you think that the show portrays New York favorably/realistically?

I was born in Astoria (Queens) and raised on Long Island. My grandmother even made a brief appearance in the movie A Bronx Tale [another reference that misses FFJD and its fans].

And, even though I have also lived in California and Washington, D.C., New York always called back to me. Would I ever move out of New York -- it is always possible, but, I love the atmosphere here in New York -- where anything can happen at any time.

FFJD: Any funny anecdotes from the experience?

Throughout my date I had thought I made reservations at an Italian Bistro in TriBeCa. However, when we arrived, I was soon corrected by the maitre'de that it was actually a French Bistro. I hope they edit that part out!

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