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Meredith Melnick

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HuffPost Workouts: First Run Of The Summer

Posted: 06/22/2013 11:01 am

Friday was the Summer solstice, although it's hard to imagine that fact escaped anyone's notice. And if you're as lazy on Friday mornings as I am, chances are this very day marks your first workout of summer.

Though extra precautions must be taken for this more strenuous season, summer workouts -- especially outdoors -- are a true pleasure: It's light later, the weather calls for little more than some running shorts and a tank top and everyone is in a better mood. That's a recipe for added energy and just the thing to get you moving.

Which means it's time for a summer playlist. The best thing to happen to my headphones this season has been the late spring arrival of Bleached's joyful garage pop album, dreamy tunes from Phoenix and Vampire Weekend's predictable but pleasing new record. For a short weekend run, this is what I'm queuing up:

A Tout A L'Heure -- Biblio
Entertainment -- Phoenix
Diamond -- Lightening Dust
East Coast Girl -- Cayucos
Dead Boy -- Bleached
Finger Back -- Vampire Weekend
Falling -- Haim
Wheel of Fortune -- The Virgins

Tell us in the comments -- what are you listening to this week?


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