01/02/2008 11:17 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Answer: Send the Editor into Space

This is a multiple-choice question pulled from the MCAT to get into the DeVry School of Newspaper Editing:

You're the page one editor of the world's leading financial newspaper. Your political editor comes to you with three story ideas to illustrate the ideas behind the candidacy of left-wing Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich. You choose:

A) Single-Payer Swan Song. As the only candidate in the race championing a Canadian-style government-run health insurance system, this story uses the Kucinich candidacy to trace the declining fortunes of an idea that once commanded substantial political support within the Democratic Party.

B) Pax Americanus? Kucinich is in good company when he proposes a cabinet-level Peace Department to promote a reduction in global hostilities. Even George Washington thought it was a good idea for the newborn nation. This story looks at how a Peace Department might work.

C) What Kucinich Saw. This story, based on exclusive interviews with Kucinich's companions at Shirley MacLaine's mountain hideaway a quarter century ago where he saw a flying saucer, gives voters a behind-the-scene blow-by-blow account of the wacky Congressman's close encounters of a third kind.

Correct Answer: The wise editor ever attuned to readers' needs would, like the editors of today's Wall Street Journal, choose C.