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Meryl Davids Landau

Meryl Davids Landau

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7 Shortcuts to Daily Bliss

Posted: 05/21/11 01:55 AM ET

Sure, the ancient yogis found inner bliss by stretching in their yoga poses and sitting on their cushions for hours on end. But we live in the real world -- too busy treading water to spare that kind of time! Fortunately, after digesting tons of spiritual books and attending myriad workshops, then experimenting with what works for me, I've created my own "Reader's Digest"-ish shortcut to daily bliss.

My best intention is to practice these steps daily, although I often fall short. Like many spiritual seekers, I have to resist beating myself up when I'm not perfect. But it's okay to fall off our daily spiritual path -- nearly everyone does. Still, when I find myself racing around directionless, I try to remember my seven simple steps, because they always send me where I want to go: up.

To connect to your own elevated interior, try (as best as you can) to sprinkle these steps throughout your day:

Sing In The Shower
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One thing the ancient yogis were right about: Set a good tone first thing in the morning and you float through the day. That's why at the crack of dawn at a yoga ashram you'll find everyone meditating. But hard as I've tried, I can't drag myself out of bed with time to spare, what with packing school lunches and getting ready for work. My solution: I sing in the shower. Rather than fixate on problems and to-dos, I send my thoughts skyward via song. It doesn't take any extra time, not to mention that even bad voices like mine sound magical against the tiles. I learned this technique from a healthy and joyful 99-year-old man, whom I'm convinced got that way because he belts out "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" with every shampoo. I prefer Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten." Any song that feels happy to you is perfect.
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