Photo Essay: Crisis in Sudan and Eastern Chad, Part III

02/23/2007 11:13 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Earlier: Part I and Part II.

IMG_1238.jpg Grief.

IMG_1181.jpg This mother's three children were burned alive the day before I met her.

IMG_1411.jpg These people had just fled their burning village and taken shelter, under this tree. When I found them they were stunned, terrified and hungry.

Some will find their way to one of the 200 displacement camp locations in Darfur and eastern Chad... as 2.5 million people have already.

IMG_1418.jpg In this makeshift camp they are surrounded by their attackers, who want the land. They are dazed, terrified, and without food.

IMG_1494.jpg More of the thousands of fleeing villagers. These children are starving, but even more than food, they desperately want protection.

IMG_1393.jpg Children hungry, afraid, waiting for help. They don't know who will help them, or how, or what to do or where to go. They would plead with me to help them, and to tell people that they need help.

IMG_1434.jpg The orange hair means malnutrition.

1359.jpg Starvation.


IMG_1334.jpg In the tiny medical facility in Goz Beide, three men lay side by side, their eyes gouged out by Janjaweed knives.



Earlier: Part I and Part II.