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Charlie Carillo


Here Comes the Son, Just in Time for Father's Day

Charlie Carillo | Posted August 12, 2012

I'm giving Father's Day a nod of respect this year, because I finally get what it's all about. It's about your kid succeeding where you failed, and the amazingly good feeling that comes with such a sweet defeat.
Sam Roche


Flawed Selection Process Mars Eisenhower Memorial

Sam Roche | Posted August 12, 2012

Traditionally, our most important public buildings and memorials are designed through public competitions, open to all Americans and judged on merit. The Eisenhower Memorial Commission, however, rejected this tradition in favor of a "closed competition."
J.B. Brocato, JD, CPC


The Happiness Agenda in America

J.B. Brocato, JD, CPC | Posted August 12, 2012

Will America heed the happiness call, buttressed by increasing research into the causes of happiness, and set a new public and personal agenda in this country, namely greater attention to increasing our happiness and decreasing our misery?
Subhash Kateel


I'll Root for the Miami Heat, But Never for Arison

Subhash Kateel | Posted August 12, 2012

"It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at." With that in mind, let's go Heat. No one can debate how good their game is. So when the NBA finals begin tonight with the jump ball, I know who I am rooting for. But it is not Micky Arison.
The Stir


4 New Shortcut Ingredients That Make Cooking Dinner a Snap

The Stir | Posted August 12, 2012

Maybe you don't want to serve frozen pizza every night. Here are a few nifty cooking time-saver products I've run across recently. Use these and you're still technically cooking, but that cooking just got a hell of a lot easier.
Larry Magid


Apple and Google 3D Mapping More Gimmicky Than Practical

Larry Magid | Posted August 12, 2012

What you see looks very cool, but I can only think of a few practical applications. For the most part, what you want when using a mapping program is accurate turn-by-turn directions, traffic data and real-time updates on how many more miles you have to drive and when you're likely to arrive.
Jim Moret


'Rock of Ages' Review: Tom Cruise Does 'Glee'

Jim Moret | Posted August 12, 2012

Is Rock of Ages timeless or just tired? Maybe both.
Robert M. Parker Jr.


Father's Day Reflections From a Son and Father

Robert M. Parker Jr. | Posted August 12, 2012

I don't recall any serious father-son discussions we had on what might be considered usual topics between parents and children, such as relationships with young women, finding a job or life path. However, I do recall my father often talking about the elusive search for happiness.
Marcus Bright


Solving the Puzzle of Athletic Excellence and Academic Mediocrity in Urban Schools

Marcus Bright | Posted August 12, 2012

The widespread occurrence of academic mediocrity and athletic excellence in urban schools presents a significant challenge for students, parents, policy makers, and the collective society.