Campaign Corner

06/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Headline in Washington and New York Newspapers: LONDON, PARIS, BERLIN, MOSCOW, BEJING, SAN FRANCISCO, HIT BY NUCLEAR ATTACKS. APPARENTLY ANOTHER AIR FORCE OOPS. Filed by our Special Correspondents in Nome, Alaska.


Here's a nifty surprise scenario: Scott McClellan, the self-promoting, book-promoting former Press Secretary to George Bush, gets subpoenaed before the House Judiciary Committee, and under oath, testifies that Bush and Cheney lied their tails off on why and how we got into the Iraq War. The Committee thereupon moves to impeach Bush and Cheney. Meanwhile, the Democrats get set to nominate Obama in August.

Obama quickly sees the light, since if impeachment is successful, Nancy Pelosi would become President, being third in line under the U.S. Constitution, as Speaker of the House --- albeit for only a short time. So as a preemptive strike, he selects Nancy as V.P. on the Democratic ticket.
It's a brilliant move, in which he assuages women who may protest in groves dig in their heels when Hillary doesn't get the nomination, and may not work for Obama if he does not select Hillary as his V.P., or worse, simply stay at home, or worse yet, become turncoats and thus elect McCain.

But now, armed with an exciting Obama-Pelosi ticket, and despite the fact that Pelosi may serve only a month or so as President --- that's assuming that impeachment is on track in a timely and tenacious manner --- we get the best of possible worlds: an experienced woman, a Speaker of the House, who by the time Obama would be sworn in, has already been President.

Now the kicker: how should the campaign bumper stickers read? Obama-Pelosi? Barry-Nancy? Not bad.

But maybe even better --- given the Democrat's history in three losing presidential campaigns --- is--- "He May Be Eloquent but She's The Speaker!" Hillary is appointed to Supreme Court by Obama and has a distinguished career until the age of 92. Then she decides to run again with the slogan, "Eight More Years!"