Imminent US Strike on Iran Will Torpedo McCain

10/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

According to officials in the Dutch intelligence agency, George Bush has ordered an air-strike to hit a broad spectrum of targets in Iran in the next few "weeks."

With the long rumored US attack now expected in the next few weeks, the latest reports from Europe and Israel indicate that the US air-strike will launch prior to the November election.

The Dutch intelligence agency is known as the Algemene Inlichtingenen Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD).

Undisclosed officials in the AIVD are the primary sources for the latest reports of an imminent US air-strike against Iran.

The largest and most authoritative daily newspaper in the Netherlands, Amsterdam's De Telegraaf, published the AIVD story about the looming US air-strike against Iran.

According to the report, agents of the AIVD infiltrated the secure Iranian facilities and were in position to sabotage the nuclear program.

When the AIVD learned about the US orders to launch the long-expected air-strike via unmanned drone aircraft to target locations where the Dutch agents were covertly embedded, the infiltration program was abruptly canceled.

While the original report was published in Amsterdam, the Jerusalem Post prominently featured its own version of the story. The Jerusalem Post story stated that Israel has its own independent plan to bomb strategic targets in Iran including nuclear and missile production facilities.

There is no serious doubt that US military action will transform the US presidential election.

With thousands of demonstrators in St. Paul now protesting both the US war in Iraq and another US war against Iran, the forthcoming air-strike will destabilize the presidential campaign of John McCain.

It is well known that John McCain has repeatedly urged the bombing of Iran while Barack Obama has opposed premature bombing and supports continued diplomatic negotiations.

A series of polls have measured US public reaction to an air-strike against Iran.

A CNN poll reported that 68% oppose the air-strike and 29% would support the action.

In a USA Today/Gallup survey, only 18% favor military action as opposed to 73% who favor diplomacy.

When Fox News polled the question of Iran and whether or not President Bush should order a strike before his term ends or leave it for the next president to deal with Iran, the results found that only 29% favor a Bush strike while 54% favor letting the next president deal with Iran.

George Bush and John McCain are old political rivals, and their personal relationship has never been warm.

With George Bush becoming increasingly isolated and unpopular as his term nears its end, he may not have any interest in the political consequences for John McCain.