The Innovator: Steve Jobs

10/06/2011 01:14 pm ET | Updated Dec 06, 2011

He never lingered over the fact that he was dying. Visions swirled into his mind surrounding him with the urgency of a prophet. A new medium for memory, a stronger process for words, a clearer vision of images, mastering the momentum of technology, flooding the world with music, a new form of storytelling, encapsulating the powers of technology into sleek seamless series of tools shaped of silicon and metal, shrinking the intelligence of the world down into streamlined panels of glass, liberating the individual by bestowing unto them potent pods of power to enthrall, to inform, to reach out and touch infinity -- these gifts surged through his digital intelligence and cascaded into the matrix of time. He concentrated his vision on the objects of his dreaming and launched headfirst into a lifelong pursuit of the future. Focused, centered and supercharged, in total control of technological superiority he mastered the means of money, boardrooms, corporations, computers and companies. Confidence compelled him to dream the possible dreams and kept him on the crest of creativity.

Clashes and collisions catapulted him in different directions. Twists and turns did not faze him. When fortune smote him in different directions, he morphed the future into a fantastic utopia. He challenged the world and reinvented moving pictures. In years of isolation, his dreams, his hopes, his visions inspired him. His visions endured while others expired. He found himself at a point of clarity where he could materialize his dreams and forge a new channel bursting forward into time. Dazzling gifts from gods of technology glittered with the energy of comets, meteors and flares of the sun.

Human intelligence required information; his dream of information for people; the imperative of education; the availability of entertainment; instantaneous communication; mastery of technology and over and above all and everything: the freedom of information. In the valley of silicon, he experienced visions and transformed them into tools. He hammered them; he forged them, and he shaped them into uncommon objects that are omnipresent to this day. Visions captivated him. Visions unfolded before him. Visions propelled him. Visions surrounded him. Visions engulfed him and transformed him into the most powerful innovator that the world had ever seen. He invoked his visions and shared his gifts with the people of his planet.

Riveted to innovation, he knew that time was surging through him. He grasped the wheel of his Mercedes and drove into the darkness, inspiring generations to vitalize the flame of their visions. Innovation and technology whispered into his inner ear a rhapsody of tools to liberate the freedom of the mind. The music in his mind became an opera that he sang of powerful tools to expand the mind of mankind.

These facts are well known. In his final moments, he raced outward and grasped the ungraspable, in his infinite quest for a superior future as his mind exploded in an infinite vision, and he became infinity.