02/08/2011 11:32 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ask Michael Cohen: How to Have a Stylish and Sizzling Valentine's Day

I find Valentines Day to be tedious and even when I was in a relationship I didn't do anything special to celebrate. Now that I am single, forget about it. However, all my single girlfriends want me to join them on the town. I am so over it and I am certainly not that desperate, needy girl that has to be included in this sort of thing. Now they are emailing and calling me like crazy. How do I get out of the single ladies celebrating Valentines night without seeming bitter? Veronica A, Chicago

Aren't you lucky that Valentine's Day falls on a Monday? I think it's time to make some real or imaginary work plans A.S.A.P. I have a feeling you hate on your co-workers too, so this leaves me with the option of self-indulgence. Forget all about your friends and coworkers and be content spending Valentines Day all by yourself.

I know you're freezing your buns off in Chicago, but spring shoes having been walking their way into stores now. Get yourself a pair that gives you something to look forward to or use an excuse to head to the tropical paradise known as Miami.

You should also get something that serves for immediate gratification, and I mean immediate. I suggest you dip into a warm bubble bath with a glass of fine red wine and a waterproof toy, and I don't mean the rubber duckie. Then lay back, relax and use Valentine's Day to love thyself.

And by the way, I think you need to start preparing for Valentine's Day 2012. Look for a man that feels the same way as you because misery loves company.

My girlfriend and I are both very cool and this is our first Valentines Day together. She hasn't said a peep about it but I do know that she thinks red roses are cheesy. However, I really want to do something. What is your Valentines day advice on how to not be a cheese ball? Chris W, Brooklyn N.Y.

I'd be willing to bet you are one of these hipsters from Williamsburg -- the land of the cool and the brave. But I understand. I think you should replace your obsession with being "cool" with the need to be "relevant" because that's what being hip is really all about.

Let me tell you one thing. If your girlfriend hates red roses, which is easy to understand, it makes me think she loves orchids. You could do nothing classier in my opinion than have a single orchid delivered to her office with a gift card an with a one liner that conveys your admiration. And when ordering, make sure the florist reads the note back to you. I really dislike when they get it wrong.

Not only will she probably want to come home and make sweet Valentine's Day love to you, but she'll be the envy of all the girls in the office -- and let me tell you that will go a long way.

A special dinner is mandatory, but instead of eating out at your favorite places, get the food to go and cozy up with an intense movie. Based on your self-proclaimed coolness, I'd suggest 500 Days of Summer.

Lastly, I am officially obsessed with YSL's new Arty Ovale ring, and I don't know one girl who wouldn't want to rock this.

My husband and I are celebrating our ten-year anniversary this weekend and since it's close to Valentines Day we usually do combination gifts. It's very last minute and I'm freaking out that I didn't plan ahead. I have no idea what he is planning because he loves surprises. Any ideas on what to do for this special anniversary? Vivian D, Dallas Texas

Well, no matter where you are for the weekend, whether it's a getaway or a stay at home weekend, I can guarantee one thing your husband would really, really like: another female. Yes, whether you want to admit it or not, every straight male has desires to bring another woman into the boudoir.

If I've just pushed the limits, accept my apologies. If I haven't, I bet your husband will be grinning until your next anniversary. If it is all too much, I have a back-up plan based on my philosophy that men love cars, sex, steak and watches. The latter is a spot-on gift, but it must be personalized. Have it engraved with some sort of love note or have it just read, "10."

My choice for an anniversary watch is the Cartier Santos 100, a seriously fashionable statement and designed to celebrate the Santos century-old birthday.

Need style advice or looking for The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide?

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