I Have Bedbugs -- Now What?

09/23/2011 08:20 am ET | Updated Mar 29, 2012

Everyone is quick to call up a pest control professional and ask the question, "When can you be here? I have bedbugs!" When the question really should be, "How do I prepare before you come and treat my home?"

Prior to a pest control company coming to treat your home, preparing for it is just as important as the actual treatment. In celebrating Bedbug Awareness Month, we thought this was one of the most important topics to educate people about.

Let's face it -- having bedbugs is stressful. It's the last thing you expect and the last thing you need. So after you have had your bedbug dog inspection and have made the choice as to who you are going to partner with to eradicate the bedbugs, what do you do? Well, cost is something we all have on our minds. So, I bring up the old adage: "Do it right the first time so you don't have to do it again." Preparing your home for a pest control company may seem daunting, but it will save you money and stress in the long run. Here are some things to keep in mind prior to treatment:

Remember, many pest control companies have their own list of preparation steps that you should take prior to them treating your home. As a rule of thumb, if you call a company and they don't require preparation, I would question if you want to do business with them. Most bedbug eradication techniques currently on the market require preparation steps taken prior to treatment.

Something else to keep in mind -- depending on the level of infestation in your home or office, it could take two to three treatments to fully eradicate a bedbug infestation. If you follow the proper preparation steps prior to treatment, you are increasing your chances of eradicating the problem as soon as possible. You also might want to think about purchasing mattress and box spring encasements as well as a bedbug spray like Pronto Plus to create a barrier so that bedbugs and bedbug eggs are killed on contact.

One last thought -- working with a pest control company is a partnership; it's good old-fashioned team work. Remember to ask questions and, when in doubt, refer to our list of key preparation steps.

As always, stay educated. Education is the key to staying bedbug free.

Michael Colongione is a spokesperson for Pronto Plus, manufactured by Insight Pharmaceuticals. The advice and opinions he expresses in this article are his own.