03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen Last Seen In Aspen Slammer

Aspen locals have not seen the last of Charlie Sheen, 44, last seen playing one of the full-blown men on my favorite CBS sitcom, Two And A Half Men. Unfortunately for everybody, Sheen was last seen in Aspen in a Pitkin County Jail cell Christmas Day, after his arrest for menacing and variegated felony malfeasance, a state of wedded dis-bliss that followed a rocky Christmas morning in a house on East Hallam Avenue near the Aspen downtown core.

Charlie, who plays a character called Charlie on the hit show, was released after posting $8,500 bail Christmas Day, presumably to spend the rest of the holiday festivities with his new wife and twin kids. We will see much more of him and the paparazzi February 8, 2010, when he returns for a new court date.

This is nothing but sad for Sheen, for his father Martin Sheen, and of course for his very extended family -- five kids by three women and counting. One can't assume substances were involved, but one can point to a past of substance abuse for the actor, who parlayed a serious career on screen into comedy stardom in both movies and now television.

On the small screen in Two And A Half Men, Sheen of course plays exactly the kind of guy who would be busted on Christmas Day with family -- and we love him for it. Performing as a drinking ne'er-do-well has made him a millionaire many times over, and we think it's funny, and we love him for it, but in real life Charlie Sheen is a train wreck who leaves a trail behind. If this is the way the stars come out in Aspen over the holiday week, I'd just as soon they stay behind bars.