03/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Idol Season 9: Auditions -- Chicago

One hour felt like two hours in Chicago where talent was thin on the ground. As a result, the judges were so relieved to hear people that didn't suck, they let some through that didn't deserve it. Humor and notable characters were also lacking, thank goodness. As Idol continues, I find I have less and less patience for bad auditions and NO patience for the show using clueless folks as fodder for fun. Luckily, the show seems to be avoiding cattiness this season as well. But there's not much you can do when the singing is bad. Here's a rundown of the people who auditioned that got through.

KATELYN EPPERLY -- Her parents are splitting up so to placate her mom, Katelyn is finally auditioning. Sang "Syrup and Honey" by Duffy. Wore boots. Looked good and had presence, though not a big voice. Interesting.

CHARITY VANCE -- Sang "Summertime." Cute 16 year old girl whose parents are hairdressers. With eight gazillion songs to choose from, why do so many people choose songs the judges 9and we) have heard a thousand times? She had way too many trills and runs in her vocal, a sure sign of inexperience. Maybe she'll surprise, but seems too young to me. And it's clear where the power still lies: she came out of the room and told her family, "Simon said yes!"

ANGELA MARTIN -- Sang "Just Fine" by Mary J. Blige. (Thank God she didn't audition in Atlanta in front of Blige or that might have thrown her off.) Martin has had enough drama to fuel three soap operas. She auditioned in season seven so she could help take care of her ailing baby girl. Luckily, Shriner's Hospital saw her and pledged free medical care until her daughter is 21. Then her father was killed right before she left for Hollywood and Martin was emotionally shattered She auditioned in Season Eight but had to bow out of Hollywood because she had a traffic violation and had to go to court and apparently couldn't get them to change the court date. (Maybe it was Judge Judy.) Now she's back and in control, sounding good, looking good and singing with maturity. Excellent audition and clearly the best of the day. She's not messing around. Kara threw in a "Pay your tickets, girl." Ugh.

Oodles of bad auditions followed including a mock silent movie segment that managed to make light of the failure without picking on any contestants. Smart moment.

JOHN PARK -- Sang...see, I forgot to write down what he sang because it was boring and I didn't think he'd get through. OK male choir coice and he's definitely good-looking. But I think the judges were so beaten down by a day of bad auditions that they overreacted to his not sucking. Clean, straightforward, but not lots of character. Maybe he'll show a lot more in Hollywood, but kind of dull to me.

PAIGE DECHAUSSE -- Sang Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come." This is asthma girl, a young woman who has been singing all her life but lives with asthma and had such a severe attack once she almost died. She seemed to lose her key when singing the song, threw in WAY too many riffs and trills and worst of all screwed up the lyrics, singing two lines from the first verse and one line from the second and changing a few words IN the lines, none of which was mentioned by the judges. Simon rightly said it was self-indulgent but Shania Twain and Kara liked her and cajoled Randy into giving her another shot. Maybe Simon's "no" will be a wake-up call?

So a very weak day with just one audition I wholly supported. By the way, if you find it hard to sit through a one hour show without a lot of talent, think of the hundreds if not thousands of auditions the judges endure.

At the end, they wisely showed 10-20 seconds or so of the rest of the winning auditions. Why they don't do this EVERY night of audition week is beyond me. And online they're finally showing memorable auditions and interviews with all (?) he golden ticket winners but still not every winning audition, which again puzzles me no end. Why not let us see EVERY winning audition in full? It can only increase our interest in Hollywood and expands the franchise beyond TV and to the website. You'd think it would be a no-brainer.

So who did you like and did you agree with the judges?

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